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Local Oysters and Food Seasonings in North Charleston, South Carolina

Enjoy delicious local oysters when you purchase the clusters available at K2 Seafood LLC in North Charleston, South Carolina. We also provide a variety of food seasonings and sauces.

Oysters - Food Seasonings

Our Oysters

The local clusters that our seafood market has available come in 40-pound bushels. We also offer singles that are available in 60-pound bushels. Our store sells our oysters by pound starting at 10 pounds, and you have the option of purchasing this amount of half of it.

Food Seasonings and Sauces

Obtain more flavors from your seafood and crab meals when you utilize the food seasonings and sauces that we have available. We sell our products in 1/2 cup portions, which are recommended for a full dozen crab. What we have available includes: 

• Mild Seasoning
• Hot Seasoning
• Garlic Seasoning
• Hot Garlic Seasoning
• Florida Garlic Butter
• Swamp Fire
• Old Bay®
• Cocktail Sauce
• Seafood Breeders
• Tartar Sauce


Our store has various accessories available to help enjoy your meals. These accessories include:

• Oyster Knives • Crab Mallets • Crab Crackers • Shrimp Deveiners
Contact us for more information about the local oysters and food seasonings that we offer.